Your Voice

I tentatively step out to become a voice of encouragement to you and those you love.  In turn, I want to listen to your voice as you explore your “unasked for” role in cancer.

In my recovery from cancer my voice was buried deep inside me.  I had so many emotions; sad, lonely, relieved, confused, fearful, anxious, grateful, the list could go on.  I knew my complete recovery would come through expressing myself, to hear my voice sort through, adjust and accept my cancer.  When I was finally able to say to someone, “I could die!”, and that someone responded, “Yes, you could”, my healing began.  All I needed to turn around and begin living again was for someone to acknowledge me and my voice.

My premise and purpose for a Christian cancer support group and blog is evolving.  Little did I know the direction my vision would take.

My initial purpose was to offer a Biblically based support group and I am happy to meet with our local group.  Secondly, was this blog.  I created this blog for the support group as well as for the public as an information funnel of articles and links from the Christian community.

My purpose for this blog is shifting; not only is it an information outlet but it is becoming an avenue for expressing our voice, the voice of the patient, survivor, caregiver and friend.

Computer technology and opportunity amaze me, our world has literally opened up and we are able to connect with people we don’t know.  All the information we could want is at our fingertips.  My “older mind” is impressed with the more computer savvy and youthful generation in how they utilize and move around in the cyber world.  I am impressed with churches that have expanded their ministry and services through computer technology and communication.

The computer allows us all a voice without the face; that can be good or bad.  The good side is someone can express themselves or open up without the fear of criticism or judgement seen through body language; they can “verbalize” without interruption in a paragraph or two what is difficult to express face to face.  This blog can offer this “comfort zone.”

My friend Gail and I brainstormed on this concept.  Not only could this blog be an outlet for Christian articles, information and links but also allow you to anonymously and safely express yourself.

I created a new tab above called, “Your Voice” in which you can contact me, no one else can read your comments.  I set this up not as a “counseling” center but as an avenue for you to share your voice that may be buried deep inside you and you feel you can’t share it with any one else.  I will “listen” to you.  You can add a prayer request, too.  If you are looking for feedback, I will answer you.  I am hoping this will be a means of letting go and of healing, questions and answers, sadness and joy, prayer requests and praise.  After I verbalized the “secrets of my heart” my complete healing from cancer began.

As always, if you know of someone who might benefit from this blog site or our cancer support group, please forward my information on – thank you.


One comment on “Your Voice

  1. Lori Fekkes says:

    Hi, Cyndi. I admire your motivation and determination to put this blog out there. Love how you are turning your experiences into a positive action. I am so happy to be included on your contacts. Thank you and though I have not experienced cancer yet personally, it affects so many people around me. I look forward to what I can learn from your site. You go, girl!

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