cancer does not silence us! the harmony of our songs . . .

In my last posting I wrote that I “do not lightly” follow the Christian cancer blogs I have come across in my research.  I read them, I comment on them, I try to bring hope, support and encouragement in their cancer journeys.  I am invested in them.  Is this good?  Is this bad?  When I write, “I am invested in them”, I am emotionally involved with these people.

Yesterday my email inbox filled with notifications that many of the blogs I follow have a new posting.  My first response is I am thrilled they have updated!  My second response, I hope all is well!

I was delighted to hear from emilyannelove’s aunt, Auntie Plum.  She is the author of little  Emily’s blog.  Emily has childhood leukemia.  Emily has just returned from a two week hiatus from her treatment.  She was not recovering well and rebounding from her chemotherapy as nicely as her medical team had hoped so they gave her (and her parents) time off.  Emily responded well!  Praise God!  Now she is heading back into her treatments and Auntie Plum is asking for our prayers, “Please join us in praise for the improvements in Emily’s spirits, mobility, and physical well-being. Please keep praying for an increased appetite and an overall improvement in her blood work, as evidence that the treatment is working to fight the Leukemia in her body.

But I must say, the post that Auntie Plum wrote on April 21, 2012, “Special Beads for a Special Girl”, just blessed me!  Tell us, Auntie Plum, how can we send Emily a special bead for her necklace of courage?

beads of courage

Pastor Bob Jennings, who has pancreatic cancer, updated his blog, Bob Jennings Journal, too.  I was happy to read that he was able to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.  I am sure the family rejoiced as God continues to walk Pastor Jennings through this valley and in His mighty love and grace, gave to the family this treasured memory on this special day.

Pastor Jennings blessed me in his willingness to discuss the raw experience in having terminal cancer, “I lived my life for you, Lord . . . I did what I could.” Pastor Bob Jennings”.  His most recent post he compares birth to death, “Meditation:  Ecclesiastes 7:1b  … the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth.  What!  How can this be?  It is true for the Christian, and only for him.  Here are some reasons why it is better…”  Again, Bob leaves me humbled . . .

“Thrilled to Death: Paul Pavao’s Leukemia Blog”, Paul writes about his after thoughts from his newly ended chemotherapy and allogeneic stem cell transplant.  Paul really was “thrilled to death” not necessarily about his diagnose but that this might be used to God’s glory.  Paul writes the pros and cons to having leukemia and now that he is post treatment, he rethinks what he initially wrote in regards to the pros and cons of having cancer.  I am delighted he is doing so well!

Tamara is in the midst of her journey with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, or CLL.  She is post “allo” stem cell transplant by 20 days and shares with us daily of her day by day, sometimes, hour by hour, recovery.  “Our Journey” educated me on the difference between our blood cancers and how leukemia may be more “curable”, the treatment seems to be more extreme.  An autologous stem cell transplant seems like a walk in the park compared to an allo!  Both Paul and Tamara face the possibility of Graft versus Host Disease, which in itself can be very unpleasant.

Lastly, through my blogging I have a new friend (but aren’t all these people my friends?), Elaine Olsen, a new breast cancer survivor, and author of “Peace for the Journey”.  She is an inspiring writer and I am challenged by her gift and because of her, I aspire to become better in my skill of communicating through the “pen”.

She recently wrote a lovely article, “Rediscovering Your Song . . .”

Being a survivor isn’t about defeating the cancer. Being a survivor is about defeating the silence . . . . But here is the truth of the eternal song. Once the music has made its way into a heart, no amount of throwing and crying and denying its pulse can keep it buried forever. We can go to the grave refusing it a voice, but in the end, the music remains. It will find its chorus, even without our participation, because the King’s music is meant to be sung.”

I am pleased to write that Elaine gave me permission to post this inspiring article on my blog.  It is my prayer that our songs, little emilyannelove, Pastor Bob Jennings, Paul and Tamara, as well as my song will not be defeated by cancer but we will feel the elation and hope to rejoice in that melody God placed in each and every one of our hearts!  Cancer does not silence us! and in heaven our songs merge into one chorus that brings praise and adulation to our King!

“Rediscovering Your Song . . .” follows . . .

addendum:  If anyone is interested in sending little emilyannelove a bead for her necklace of courage from your area of the world, please contact me via “Your voice . . . contact me”  (found above).


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