Levi and Lenya, a special message ~ Fresh Life Church


The unexpected loss of a child, I can’t imagine the shock and disbelief of your little one waking up in the morning and gone by the evening.  We live our daily lives with the pseudo security that the routine of today will be like yesterday’s and tomorrow’s routine will be like today’s.  We take for granted the every day predictability of our days, weeks, months and years; mortality is not in our vocabulary.

Fresh Life Church pastor, Levi Lusko is from my hometown, Kalispell, Montana.  He moved here about seven years ago.  He started his church above a restaurant on Main Street.  They quickly outgrew that facility and moved to an old movie theater and quickly outgrew that so they purchased another movie theater and so the story goes.  Fresh Life Church now reaches from the west of Montana to the east and every where abroad via the internet.

Levi has had an amazing impact in our area; his love for Christ and his call to evangelism is his utmost priority and lived out on a daily basis.  In my opinion, he turned our valley upside down in more ways than one.

Levi and Jennie Lusko’s daughter, Lenya, died due to an asthmatic attack five days before Christmas.  Levi said his wife, Jennie, was wrapping Christmas presents in the next room and had no indication that Lenya was in trouble.  By the time Levi got to Lenya she was unconscious and died in his arms.  He had no time to tell her good-bye.

By God’s amazing grace and power, and in honor of Lenya’s prayers and excitement for the upcoming Christmas Eve service, Levi gave the Christmas Eve message to the church.  I was told there wasn’t a dry eye in the building.

This is an amazing testimony as to how God can take a seemingly horrible, heart wrenching situation and turn it to good in every way.  Yes, Levi and Jennie feel the incredible loss of their daughter and their grief  knows no limit.  God has taken a tragedy, the loss of one little one and in turn, many from all over the world have rededicated their life to God or have confessed their need for the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  Little Lenya’s life ended at five years old but many lives are just beginning, a redeemed life secure by the sacrifice of God’s son, Jesus.

Will you take a moment to listen to this powerful story?


5 comments on “Levi and Lenya, a special message ~ Fresh Life Church

  1. bailey says:

    I heard the 02 experience last night and it changed my life forever! Levi is such a powerful speaker and knows how to emotionally bring people together. thank u so much levi!
    also, my church has amazing speakers and everyone should check it out! there’s super cool music and fun things for everyone
    Christ Journey Church in Miami Florida
    check it out!

  2. MattG says:

    I just heard Levi Lusko tonight at 02EXPERIENCE in Fort Lauderdale and let me tell you it rocked my world!!!! Thank The Lord for men like him!!

    • Cyndi Heath says:


      I am glad you went, it is a very important message in today’s confused world. I don’t know how old you are or if you are in a relationship or married, but listen to Levi.

      Since I am from his hometown I know the guy is the real deal. He is sticking himself out there where many pastors would rather remain gray. Get into the Bible and read for yourself the good words that help all of us to live a blessed life and a life that brings glory to the Son.

      If you need any further encouragement or direction, let me know.

  3. Dena Linn says:

    Thank you for this awesome post. So inspiring! God was speaking to me today through Levi. Lord, bless him and his family.

  4. Powerful message . . . plant yourself in God’s house; put some roots down. Very encouraging word.

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